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5 Basic Makeup Tools Everyone Should Have

When you go to all the trouble of finding the perfect makeup products, it’s important to have the tools needed to apply them properly for beautiful results. The following five items should be a part of everyone’s beauty collection.

Brush Set

Once you have a set of proper brushes that are designed for the exact purpose you need, you’ll wonder how you ever used your fingertips. (In fact, one should avoid using their hands with makeup because the bacteria on them will mix into the product and grow over time.)

Ideally, you’ll have brushes to apply powder, blush or highlighter, eye makeup, and lip products. Within these categories will be specific designs to achieve the look you’re after, like an eye liner brush or a loose setting powder brush.

You can buy individual brushes to suit your needs, but a good way to ensure you’re getting the best ones, and spending less while doing so, is purchasing a popular set. The Best of Sigma Brush Set includes makeup experts’ top-sellers that have your bases covered:

  • Flat Kabuki
  • Precision Flat Angled
  • Soft Blend Concealer
  • Firm Shader
  • Diffused Crease
  • Domed Utility
  • Smudge

It’s important to regularly wash your brushes to extend their life and to prevent bacteria build-up, breakouts, and worse.


Makeup sponges are expert blenders that enhance your coverage techniques. They are a necessity no matter if you use liquid foundation, a cream concealer, a fine powder, or all the above. They can be used for application or to simply to blend and buff afterward, eliminating obvious lines and streaks when applying. It’s important to regularly clean your sponge and replace it when needed, as above.

Beauty Blender is the queen of all sponges because unlike cheap throw-away sponges, it can be used repeatedly for a long time with proper cleansing. It’s latex-free, has an excellent texture, is edgeless for multipurpose uses, and reduces product waste. Use the companion cleanser to remove product residue and germs to make the most of your BB sponge!

Re-Usable Cases

For the ultra-fashionable yet environmentally-conscious, re-useable cases are a must-have. The latest Paul and Joe Beaute makeup line features super cute and pretty cases that can be paired with refills of products from lipstick to setting powder to eye colour. Save on materials and money by using less.

Cases decorated in fantastic floral and adorable cat patterns are great gifts when paired with products. The recipient can then buy their own choice of refill when the first round is done.

Makeup Mirror

Not every home is equipped with a wonderful makeup mirror and lighting, especially for apartment dwellers who are kind of stuck with what they’ve got. A double-sided mirror that has normal and zoomed-in views for detail work that has a light built into its structure can provide both ample lighting and a close view for ideal makeup application. It’s also portable, so it can be moved to different rooms if someone else is using the precious washroom.

Precision Q-Tips

Lastly, a simple beauty secret are these inexpensive cotton swabs with pointed tips versus the standard, rounded kind. When you want to correct eyeliner and create precise eye shadow shaping, use these little guys with some eye makeup remover to erase mistakes or define precision areas. Get the perfect cat eye or wings every time.