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5 Men’s Casual Jackets Men Really Want as Gifts

Sometimes, one of the hardest things to get right is the perfect gift for your man. Whether you’ve been in a one-month fling or five-year engagement, it always feels satisfying to give the perfect gift. If you seriously have no clue what to buy online for his birthday or special occasion, men’s casual jackets are a great go-to gift.

You might be thinking that it’s tricky to find the right mens fashion jackets because every guy has a different taste in style. Some men like very basic and simple outfits, like plain tees and blue jeans. On the other hand, other men that follow fashion are way bolder with their style. As long as you know your partner’s general sense of style, you can’t go wrong with gifting trendy men’s casual jackets.

In order to feel out which option would be right for him, don’t be afraid to ask casually ask him what jacket styles or brands he normally wears. Does he only shop at Does he only like neutral colors? Does he hate zippers? For starters, that’s a great way to feel out what to go for and what to avoid.

We found some of the trendiest mens fashion jackets that almost any guy would appreciate. As long as you know his style, he’ll be thanking you for days for any of these men’s casual jackets.

  1. Slim Fit Blazers

The most essential workwear pieces in a man’s wardrobe are men’s fashion blazers. If your boyfriend is that 9-to-5 working man that spends his day at an office, he will definitely put mens slim fit blazers to use! With it’s close-cut silhouette, these trendy blazers are a hit among men of all sizes because it gives the torso a slimming effect.

Gifting Tip: Next time you’re near his closet, you should glance through the types of patterns he predominantly buys. If you see mostly plaid, solid or stripes, stick with what you find the most of!

  1. Distressed Denim Jackets

The denim jacket is of those cool jackets for men that you really can’t go wrong with. If you find that your man is a men’s streetwear lover, he’ll definitely appreciate a new denim jacket. These stylish mens jackets can easily be worn with virtually any casualwear. Moreover, it’s one of those men’s casual jackets that are perfect for that in-between weather during spring and fall.

Gifting Tip: Check out which denim brands he normally buys. Depending on his jean collection, you’ll most likely find the perfect denim jacket.

  1. Leather Bomber Jackets

A mens leather bomber jacket isn’t just any bomber jacket. It’s the perfect combination of leather jackets and bomber jackets. It has that edgy feel with a streetwear cut. This mens bomber jacket is perfect for guys that love rough biker and moto-inspired men’s clothing.

Gifting Tip: Genuine leather and faux leather can vastly differ in price, but the quality isn’t always so different. As long as you score a mens leather bomber jacket from a decent online menswear store, you shouldn’t worry about splurging on the real stuff.

  1. Long Trench Coats

Does your significant other love The Matrix look? Yes, that long leather trench coat from the hit sci-fi movie. Even if he’s not a movie buff, there’s something about mens long coats that’s just simply elegant and timeless. They don’t always have to be extreme. These men’s casual jackets are ideal for taller men because they never look like they’re drowning in a floor-length coat.

Gifting Tip: When you’re gifting long coats for men, the material makes a huge difference. For an edgy look, leather trench coats are the way to go. If he’s more classic, you should try mens fashion jackets in cotton or polyester.

  1. Faux Fur Parka Coats

If you’re guy loves mens designer jackets, he’s probably a fan of faux fur parka coats. Parkas are known as both mens coats and jackets, so don’t get too caught up in terminology or slang phrases. These furry, cool jackets for men are especially great if you both live in somewhere with an extremely cold climate or if he’s constantly travelling to cooler destinations for work.

Gifting Tip: If you want to be sure that these stylish mens jackets are made from faux fur, simply check the materials online or the care label!