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5 Reasons Why a Guy Will Love Joggers

Joggers are tapered sweatpants that have an elastic band at the ankle to secure it. It is the equivalent of women’s leggings, comfortable yet stylish. More and more men have begun to accept the joggers ever since its inception in 2014. It won’t be wrong to say that, today, joggers are the most sought after apparels in men’s fashion. Joggers are used not only while working out, but for casual and sometimes for formal events as well. What is it about these joggers that men are so hooked on it? Let‘s find out.

  1. The comfort level

No compromise when it comes to comfort. Joggers are the most comfortable garment next only to sweatpants. The sweatpants, however, cannot be worn anywhere except for your bedroom. These joggers are comfortable and are fit to be worn as casual wear. The elastic band at the waist with drawstrings can easily be adjusted for maximum comfort; the fabric does not stick to the body at the thigh or calf, and the elastic band holds the garment in position at the ankle.

  1. Can be worn for binge-watching as well as formal events

There are joggers for every occasion. You want to sit home and binge watch something on Netflix; there is a pair of joggers for that. You want to go out with friends for the weekend, the chino joggers or the distressed joggers are just the right choices. If you want to go to a formal event, you even have formal joggers! The dress pant jogger pants, designed by Tony Conrad, is the perfect example of joggers for a formal occasion.

  1. Easy to pair with

The joggers are simple in design, making it easy to pair other clothes and accessories. Any t-shirt will go with  the joggers, be it a solid colored one, a t-shirt with stripes, a t-shirt with graphics or one with tiny prints all over it. You just have to choose the right pair of joggers for the right t-shirt and you will never go wrong. In case of footwear too, everything is a match. You could opt for a pair of boots, Vans, or even slippers if you feel like it. Accessories that can be teamed up include a simple watch and something not very loud around your neck.

  1. No worries about pant length

The fit and length perfection has been a common problem for most of us while purchasing jeans or trousers. If the fit is perfect, the legs are too long, and if the legs seem of the perfect length, then the fit is tight at the thighs or waist. There was always this extra thing you needed to do- alteration. Say goodbye to this hassle now with the joggers. Shopping is supposed to be fun, and this unevenness in the fit sometimes can be infuriating, especially with men. With the introduction of joggers in the market, they took this opportunity to bid farewell to the hassle of altering the bottom wear before having to wear them.

  1. They simply look great

There is doubt when we say that the joggers are the next best thing in men’s fashion. In comparison to the other types of pants like the baggy jeans and sweatpants, these do not give off a clumsy or sloppy look. They make the wearer look sharp and give a comfortable wearing experience as well. They look great for almost all occasions and can easily be teamed up with any kind of footwear and t-shirt, depending on the event.

So, for those of you who think that joggers are just not chic enough to be given so much importance, you definitely need to check out these trendy ones at