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Festive Designs Using Christmas Ornaments

One of the fun things that you can do with your family for Christmas is to make custom ornaments. There are numerous designs that you can make. Some designs are simple and only require a few supplies while others are detailed and are more of a keepsake instead of something that you might want to hang on the tree each year. If you have an idea in mind, you can sometimes order a custom ornament from companies that will ship the product to your home or to someone else, such as a grandparent or aunt and uncle.

Sports Themes

If your children play sports or if you have a favorite sports team, then a custom ornament with the team’s logo might be an option. These are usually the ornaments that you would hang on a tree, even making a full tree devoted to the team or sport that you like. You can get a name put on the ornament or your child’s name and number so that it can be remembered after your child has finished playing the sport.

Favorite Hobbies

Think about things that you like to do, such as reading, sewing, hiking or cooking. Tie these hobbies into making your ornament or designing one that you order. Browse this site for ideas about the designs that you can include on an ornament that showcases the hobbies that you enjoy instead of just making an ornament that has a simple image of a utensil or a book. Try to get as personalized as possible when you are thinking about how you want to create the ornament so that it can be something you cherish in the future and pass on to your children and grandchildren.


When you make your ornament or order it online, think about the materials that are used. Clay is a popular material to use if you want to make handprints or footprints. Once the clay hardens, you can paint it any color that you want. The material can also be shaped into other designs, such as hearts, trees, and snowflakes. They are a bit heavier than other types of ornaments, but they can sometimes be personalized more than others. Glass ornaments can showcase more elegance in the details that are on them. They shimmer and sparkle more than other types of ornaments when they hang on a tree. However, since they are made of glass, you need to be careful with how they are treated. Sometimes, glass ornaments are best used by hanging them on a shelf or over the fireplace so that there isn’t as much of a chance that they will get knocked off the tree. Ornaments that are made of traditional thin metal are easy to customize as well. You can use these ornaments at home to make designs on them with the kids. They can draw on them with markers or paint, creating entire scenes or a few pictures that feature something that they like. You can also write names on these ornaments and the year that they were made.