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Healthy Snack to Increase Weight

The ideal weight is everyone’s expectation. Health body is more awake with the ideal body weight. In reaching the ideal body, there are various attempts made, namely trying to lower or increase his weight. For those of you who want to gain weight, can eat healthy snacks that contain calories, good fats, and protein. Snack or delicious biscuit variant is a snack that can be used to prop the stomach and accompany when running the activity.

How to Increase Nutritious Weight

How to raise your weight through a healthy snack is an effective step. Eating snacks can be done on a regular basis and someone is happy to eat this light meal in the middle of its activity. You can get nutrition when the snack is a nutritious and healthy snack. Here are some foods that can be consumed to realize the ideal body for you.


Potatoes have high levels of calories, so it can be used as a weight-gain food. Potatoes can be enjoyed in a variety of serving variants, including french fries, boiled potatoes, and potato cakes. The calorie content of each dish has a difference. Fried potatoes in 100 grams have 140.7 calories, boiled potatoes have 83 calories / 100 grams, and potato cakes contain 246 calories / 100 grams. Thus, you can enjoy a variety of potato based dishes as a healthy snack, to launch a weight-loss program.

Bread and Biscuits

Bread contains protein and calories that can increase weight. Wheat bread is suitable for nutritious snacks, which also contain fiber. Calorie content of wheat bread is very large, making it suitable for increasing weight. If you are a fan of fresh bread, you can also eat the bread to launch an ideal body program. The bread can be enjoyed with delicious jams, such as high-calorie peanut butter. In addition to bread, biscuits can also be a weight-loss solution, such as wheat biscuits, chocolate biscuits, cheese biscuits.


In the weight gain program, boiled peanuts are suitable as a healthy snack at night to block the stomach. The content of antioxidants and fiber in nuts is a good nutrition for the body. In addition, nuts function to regulate blood sugar levels and increase serotonin. In addition to boiled peanuts, you can eat cashew nuts, walnuts, etc. Soy milk and peanut butter are other variants in eating nuts.


Fermentation can increase the number of calories in a food. One of the fermented milk is cheese. Thus, cheese calories larger than milk. Consumption of cheese as a healthy snack is perfect. You can eat cheese with bread. Cheese biscuits are another variant in enjoying cheese, which you can taste the benefits.


Chocolate is available in many variants. Today, many food products are brown sticks with a blend of almonds, which can be enjoyed as a snack. Delicious chocolate biscuits, also ready to eat. Chocolate contains good calories and fats, so it can be a healthy snack and safe for consumption in order to gain weight. It tastes delicious, can increase the appetite to eat it.

The ideal body can be gained by weight gain programs. Healthy snacks are an effective way to gain weight, where the nutrients your body needs are also met. Various healthy snacks as described above also has a delicious taste, so it is interesting to eat.