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How to Choose the Right Dance Shoe for Your Dancing Needs

Interested in the world of ballroom dancing? Then that means you are going to need a good pair of shoes. Picking out the right dance shoes is not akin to traditional shoe shopping. What you want out of a good dance shoe is very different than everyday wear. Quality dance shoes actually enhance your overall experience, increase your endurance, and optimize your abilities. The biggest difference is in the soles. Dance shoes have a thin sole made of suede that provides just the right amount of grip combined with the right amount of glide.

Shoes with suede soles are also optimal for dance performance. Suede soles provide traction and also allow for fluidity of movement. There are many different types of dancing shoes to choose from and finding the right shoe for you requires specific considerations. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Heel Size

The length of a heel is related to overall performance. Higher heels, known as Cuban style, are mostly used for performance. They create the right amount of flair for competitive dancing. Recreational use is more suited for a lower heel. Standard style heels are the same length as traditional footwear. This makes them optimal for dancing as well as comfortable for a long duration. If your interest in dancing increases to a professional level purchasing some high-heeled shoes for competition is not a bad idea. However, it is bad idea to use Cuban style shoes for everyday dancing. They do not offer the same support as traditional.

Snug Fit

Dance shoes should fit snugly for optimum control. The snugger the shoe the more control a dancer has. The shoe should feel tight but not contain excessive pressure. Comfort is key in the selection of dance shoes. As ballroom dancing is done primarily on your feet you need to focus on comfort. So essentially your shoes should fit like a glove. The snugness should also persist past breaking the shoes in.

Comfort and Support

The primary factor to consider when purchasing dance shoes is comfort. Dance shoes need to offer support without damaging the feet. Recreational dancing continues for long periods. Proper dance shoes optimize performance while offering enduring comfort. Support is also important for continual performance. If you will be dancing regularly support is necessary to keep your feet healthy. So when shopping for shoes always pay attention to comfort. This is why trying them on is important. You have to know how they feel.

Physical VS. Online

Dance shoes are available in both physical stores and online. If you are shopping for mens dance shoes online, the inability to try them on may be a problem. Luckily, physical stores are available for actually trying shoes on.

This does not mean online is out. Online stores can offer great quality at a wonderful price. Trying shoes on at a physical store does not mean you have to buy them. It does give you an idea of how comfortable they will be when looking at them online.