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How to Maintain Grillz Teeth Effectively

Gold teeth are shiny and flashy in your mouth, if you maintain them properly. However, if you are not keen on preserving them, the teeth will eventually turn dull. It is essential to maintain them correctly to prevent bacteria and germs in your mouth. Poor maintenance can lead to bad breath and gingivitis. Custom sets are the easiest to maintain out of the other types of grillz. Permanent gold teeth need extra care and effort to clean and keep. Premade gold teeth are not durable and will quickly turn dull, even with the proper care. Ensure that you are aware of the maintaining tips before heavily investing in the removable custom gold teeth.

How do you maintain your teeth?

Custom sets are the best types of gold teeth. Their removability makes them easy to clean. The first maintenance step for flawless gold grills is to remove them when eating or drinking. Food particles will get stuck in the teeth, and if you don’t clean them properly, it will inhibit bacteria. Ensure that you remove your gold grillz before consuming anything in the mouth.

Permanent gold teeth, since they can’t be removed, are a bit hectic to maintain as bacteria can be trapped between the artificial teeth and the raw enamel of your teeth. You need to frequently brush your gold teeth with a non-grainy toothpaste and warm water. Use a soft brush that has flexible bristles to eliminate any debris trapped in your teeth effectively. Brush them frequently with a soft brush and take more attention to the gaps that can trap any components. Additionally, you can dip your teeth in warm water or a peroxide solution for a short period to kill germs present in the teeth.

How to safely store grillz teeth

You can store them in a protective case to prevent external germs habitation. Store them in a safe place for precaution. Gold grills will last you a lifetime if you are keen on adequate care and storage. Leaving them lying idle is dangerous to your health as they will trap germs and bacteria that are health hazards to your mouth. Make sure to store your teeth somewhere that will not be of reach to pets or can be easily knocked onto the floor and be stepped on.

Avoid smoking while wearing gold teeth

Smoking tints your teeth. Nicotine found in cigarettes leads to teeth discoloration. If you want to maintain the shiny state of the expensive artificial teeth, ensure you refrain from smoking. Remove them while smoking and brush off any cigarette traces in your mouth before inserting them back. It is strongly advised to brush your teeth or rinse with mouthwash before wearing your gold teeth after smoking. If you are a heavy smoker, it is not advisable to insert permanent gold teeth. Regular smoking will lead to teeth discoloration. The flashy nature of the gold teeth will not be evident with all the traces of nicotine affecting it.

Bottom Line

Gold teeth are prestigious when worn. They represent a particular lifestyle and status of people. However, if you don’t maintain them effectively, they will lose their value and will depreciate in their beauty. Regular cleaning, avoiding smoking, and proper storage is the key to preserving them. By carefully following the tips, you can make your artificial teeth retain their beauty and value for many years. The cost of buying custom grillz teeth is high, thus you need that much extra care for your grillz and assurance of long-term durability.