Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Some people are gifted with being exceptionally organised and get all their Christmas shopping done weeks ahead. Others have to be reminded that Santa does not really come to deliver the Christmas presents. If you belong to the latter group, don’t fret. Here is a list of last minute Christmas gift ideas that anyone would be happy with.

  1. Wool Blanket

When it is snowing outside, few things are as cosy as snuggling up on the sofa under a warm blanket. This makes a fluffy wool blanket a great gift for any family member or friend. If you are familiar with their sofa, choose a wool colour and design that will match. Otherwise, choose neutral colours for the blanket.

  1. Weekend Bag

Many will be making short trips to see family and friends during the holidays. Make their trip a little easier with a weekend bag. A weekend bag can fit into any budget. Simply do a little browsing online or at your nearest travel shop. Choose a design that is not bound to the seasons. A bag with reindeer may be cute during the month of December but not for long after Christmas.

  1. House Slippers

If you are looking for a quirky his and her gift, then house slippers are a great option. House slippers will usually come in a female and male design so you only have to pop into one shop for this last minute Christmas gift. If you want the gift to be funny you can choose the slippers that are made to look like large animal claws. If you want to keep the gift classy, choose a minimal sleek design.

  1. Christmas Basket

If you need to pick up a gift for a whole family or a couple, go with a Christmas Basket. Christmas Baskets are elaborate enough that they’ll never know it was a last minute Christmas gift idea. The best theme to go for with a Christmas basket is gourmet food. Indulging in delicious food is, after all, one of the greatest perks of the holidays.

  1. Phone Stand

If you suddenly get an invite for a Christmas party or need to find a gift for a coworker, a simple tech gadget is your go-to last minute Christmas gift. With a phone stand you won’t have to worry about knowing which brand their phone is, unlike with a phonecase. There is also no hassle with figuring out the right cable slot. Simply choose a phone stand with a simple but practical design and you have a great gift.

  1. Scented Candle

If you would like a gift that is a little more romantic, go sniffing for a scented candle. Scented candles can be found anywhere during Christmas time because they make any space cosier. You can choose a rich winter smell such as Christmas orange and pines or a more subtle scent like violet and peonies. Each scented candle smells divine making this is a last minute gift that will not disappoint.