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SEO Specialists in San Rafael Have Many Ways of Helping Local Businesses Grow

Having a business’s website feature prominently in the most relevant Google results can contribute a great deal toward growth. Unfortunately, not every business site seems to receive the respect it deserves when things are simply left to sort themselves out.

San Rafael SEO experts, however, have excellent, effective ways of helping their clients’ sites perform more suitably. With a number of different strategies currently delivering impressive results, getting in touch with such an expert can easily pay off.

Several Important SEO Approaches Take Center Stage for 2017

Years ago, it used to be enough to indiscriminately build many links to a website to improve its search engine performance. Today’s most effective techniques tend to be quite a bit more focused and sophisticated, but they can deliver even more in the way of results. Some of the most successful at the moment include:

  • Mobile-focused optimization: Mobile devices took over from desktops and laptops as the Internet access portals of choice starting a few years back. Google today assesses the mobile friendliness of every site it indexes before suggesting it as a search result to smartphone or tablet users. Making sure a website has been extensively optimized for performance and usability on mobile devices should therefore always be a priority.
  • Careful cultivation of high quality links: While the volume-focused link-building tactics of yesteryear have fallen out of fashion, obtaining links from highly regarded external sources is still an excellent way of raising a website’s profile. Whether by guest posting or simply making it clear that a business’s site would appeal to a certain audience, building the right types of links can be extremely productive.
  • Optimizing for voice-based search: Unsurprisingly enough, search engine users tend to phrase their queries differently when speaking into a microphone instead of typing. With relatively few sites yet accounting for this fact, there are plenty of voice-favored search phrases that are worth pursuing.

A Focus on Results Helps Investments Pay Off

With many more SEO approaches also producing plenty of results in 2017, investing in such a service can be extremely helpful. What will typically make the most difference will be working with an SEO specialist who has a range of options to consider and is committed to using them to produce business relevant results for clients.