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Singapore skincare brand UNI-® proposes a new concept in acne treatment

How to treat acne effectively? With the market inundated with so many options, one should tread carefully. Acne breakout is a common issue among teens and young adults. For those who suffer from acne, scar-less healing is what matters.

Through extensive research, the R&D team of Singapore skincare brand UNI-® found that overproduction of hormones during puberty can lead to excessive secretion of sebum. Bad habits such as staying up late, eating irregularly and a careless skincare routine are debilitating causes as well. Some people tend to over-clean their skin or use steroid or antibacterial agents for acne treatment. These methods, however, are very harsh and affects healthy skin barrier, making the symptoms more severe or leaving acne scars.

For effective acne treatment, other than adopting healthy lifestyle, it is also important to choose allergen-free products and to reduce burden on the skin. This is the concept advocated by the Singapore skincare brand UNI-®.

The Singapore skincare brand UNI-® offers safe products that are gentle on the skin, protect the skin barrier and solve acne breakouts. Based on research, the research team formulated MIRA®: a natural derivative of marine ingredients which enhances cell metabolism and immunity, combined with natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus effectively preventing acne breakouts. MIRA® also enhances the healing ability of damaged skin cells.

UNI-® products are proved to reduce redness and swelling in the inflamed site by 86%. Significant improvements have also been made in combating different types of acne, including abscesses at the point of inflammation, whiteheads and blackheads. Compared to using water, the hydration of the skin after using UNI-®Youth Revitalizing Serum for 60 minutes significantly increased, and water loss significantly reduced from 94% to 34%. This highlights the effectiveness UNI-® in hydration and moisture retention.

The Singapore skincare brand UNI-® aims to bring healthy skin to all. With clients’ feedback, UNI-® keeps on improving and upgrading their brand and products. Take Jiayu as an example. The 12 year-old girl developed acne while preparing for the PSLE exam. To combat the acne, Jiayu’s mother encouraged her to use UNI-® Acne Skin Treatment Essence three times per day, and UNI-® Skin Cell Activation and Regeneration Essence for skin-repairing. After a week, the results were surprising. The redness and swelling had disappeared. In the next two weeks, her skin completely recovered. With a health skin, Jiayu became more motivated to exam preparation.

Our body is born with self-repairing and regenerative functions, and the same goes to the skin. However, excessive skin care and inappropriate use of medicines may affect this function. UNI-® hope to use safe and effective natural formula to reduce the burden on the skin and stimulate the self-repair of new skin cells. With Singapore skincare brand UNI-®’s new collection of products, you don’t need to worry about acne issues anymore!