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The Shoe Style Identity

When we think of fashion we tend to think of first our make-up, our jewelry, our clothes, and then there is our footwear to bring it all together. There are many trends in the fashion world and it is ever changing. There is one new store on the horizon that should be one of a fashion-conscious person should stop for some luxury footwear and that is

This up and coming retailer in fashionable, luxury shoes should not be overlooked. The retailer even on their Facebook page has a warmth, family, yet luxury feeling. The inspiration behind the store is a familiar one, when someone basically asks you which way your life is heading and having to take stock in which way you really do want your life to go and grow. The theme not only is luxury but also sports, with more women involved in sports than ever before.

The idea of having footwear has a long history. For something that most of us take for granted and do not think about the impact that a pair of shoes can have on our style and even our health. The high heeled shoe even in history states power of an individual. When a person makes a shoe, they are called a shoemaker or cobblers. How a shoe looks is for the style you choose but how the shoe fits that is a key element. A person wants a shoe that fits but not so snug you are cramping your toes which can lead to corns. On the other hand, you want to make sure they do fit, constantly rubbing can cause blisters to form and can cause a person to trip and fall.

There are not only luxury high heeled shoes that may be adorned with brilliant gems and the perfect satin cloth. There are also luxury tennis shoes, also known as sneakers available in today’s market. These can look like German army trainers all the way high end, high top sneakers made from shell cordovan. Then there are ones that have the Tuscan Italian leather material, which makes it a high end and long-lasting luxury sneaker, and with all things leather the more its worn the better it looks.

The elegance that women’s shoes can bring to an outfit is always noted by many friends and on lookers. If you are out for the evening, then an elegant high heel that has great shape to accent your feet would be your go to. If you are at a sports game if you are daring, you can always wear your favorite luxury high heel. There are alternatives with the mid-heel pumps, the open air feels of a sandal, and the women’s slip on as well tie up sneakers. These can all come in different sizes, widths, and stylish adornments you could want.

In conclusion from the hat you pick to wear to tops, bottoms, watches, jewelry, handbag, and all the way down to the coverings of your feet, this all blends to make a statement about who you are. The individual you want to be. This shows that not only you are uniquely you, but you are owning that individuality.