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What Is a Chat Bot and What Can It Do?

With the advent of artificial intelligence tech firms all over the world are using bots to prove how much more their apps can be useful and interactive. Generally speaking, a bot is a software that performs an automated task as directed by a human.

What is a chatbot?

Computer programs that mimic conversations with people by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) are called chatbots. They are capable of transforming the way you interact with the internet, from self-initiated tasks to quasi-conversations.

Communication with chatbots is not restricted to text and voice. Users can also interact with them by the use of graphical interfaces.

Chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Kik, allow users to create their bots to get things done. For instance, you can go to a browser then type your zip code to get the forecast, but if you are using a chatbot, like Kik’s Weather Channel, you just have to send a message saying, “current forecast,” and it’ll reply with an answer.

What can a chatbot do?

There’s a very thin line between a chatbot and an app if the chatbot interacts via a user interface. The difference occurs in the way a conversation between a chatbot and a user takes place which is more or less sequential, and the conversation occurs in a chat app. Look at this site for more information.

Chatbots can be used in several ways. In some cases, companies can come up with chatbots for every single use case for their business, just like they use a website or app for their business applications. Here are some uses of chat bots out of a pool of infinite use cases –

  • To improve customer experience – used for booking tickets, ordering food, as a personal stylist among others
  • In medicine – a chatbot can give you medical advice, recommend best treatments or direct you to the nearest medical center
  • Personal financial advisor – you can use chatbots to improve your credit score, advise you on pensions schemes, or get access to banking facilities like file a complaint about a lost debit card, locked PIN or how to get a new card reader
  • Your personalized newsreader – get access to curated stories from major newspapers and channels. These bots are mostly offered by US-based news organizations
  • In education – you can master the English language using a chatbot. These can be used as tools to teach, given their ability to converse in natural language and their access to vast online data sources

You can look at this site to know more about the uses of chatbots.

How are chatbots classified?

Based on the type of conversations, chatbots can be classified into the following three types –

  1. Scripted chatbots – Their behavior is determined by specified paths. A user will have to choose from specific options to get to the next step of the conversation.
  2. Intelligent chatbots – Built atop AI, these chatbots are flexible regarding the inputs they can accept. They can receive voice or text inputs among other forms.
  3. Application chatbots – This is not a separate category of chatbots, as both scripted and intelligent chatbots can have a graphical user interface. This is an essential concept for a chatbot developer.

Chatbots offer personalized services by providing business solutions in a manner where they can message in a messaging app. Using these, human support and operations can be combined into a single experience.