What to consider when choosing guitar pedals

The guitar produces different effects and these are achieved through the foot pedal, which has knobs, switches, and buttons. For easy access when playing, it is usually placed on the floor for easy access. When the music is on, the pedal is simply kicked to enable or disable them throughout the song. Without the right information on the guitar pedals, you could end up buying every other pedal you come across and therefore waste your hard-earned money.

There are many factors to consider when making such a purchase and that is why you need to follow through this article and get tips on how to about.

The type of music

Just like when purchasing any other accessory, you must take time and study the available pedals in the guitar shop so that you can figure out the one that rightly suits you. Depending on the type of music you are fond of playing, you can build a collection, which you can utilize. If you do a variety of music, it is advisable to go for a variety of them. The quality depends majorly on the manufacturer and therefore, depending on the much you are willing to spend, choose the one that fits your budget and the one that would help you achieve the purpose.

The portability of the pedal board

Guitar pedals come in different shapes and sizes, with the common ones in rectangular. Most of these are quite heavy and they can be tiresome especially where you have to move from a show to another. However, there are some that come in smaller sizes and thus more compatible.  Therefore, if you want to buy many pedals, then you can consider such sizes. By visiting a guitar shop, you’ll get guidance on the best option.

The pedal board

The pedal board will always depend on the many pedals you want to have. Therefore, if you have more than five of them, you will have to consider a large one that can accommodate such. Whatever the arrangement, the final pedal-board should be able to work for you and should not be an inconvenience, especially when doing live shows. If you have many effects pedals, you should consider investing in a ‘Bypass looper’; a long strip of footswitch placed in the middle of the effects pedals which would most likely take some more space on the pedal-board. However, it is perfect in giving access to a combination of several effects in one footswitch.  In this case, your signal doesn’t have to pass through every pedal and therefore giving a clear and a solid song signal chain.

In case of a band

Many times, you will not be the only one playing guitar; you could be having a band where there are more than even four guitarists. In this case, you should come to a consensus on the type of pedals to go for. This may mean a compromise on your preference to get the best that would give quality sound effects for every song.

Choosing guitar pedals can really be confusing and that is why you need the guidance of a specialist in the guitar. A guitar shop has a variety of these pedals and here you have specialists whose work is to guide you on selecting the most suitable.