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Pink Diamonds and Their Growing Popularity Many a time, diamonds have been offered to a loved one in the form of a gift for an elegant holiday present. From a flawless diamond ring, to a necklace dripping with diamonds, they are so popular there have been whole songs written about them. Now, however, the trend in jewelry has moved away from the traditional and more people are looking for jewelry that reflects their own unique personal style. If uniqueness is your goal when gift giving, or for a new statement piece for you, pink diamonds are the way to go. The rarity of a pink diamond is what makes them so desired by many, as they are only minded in several places. Pink diamonds are made in a very special ancient reaction during the formation of the diamond and cannot be recreated. While standard white diamonds are created by the heating of carbon far below the surface of the earth, the pink diamond is possibly made when this process also combines with a select other chemical during the heating process. They may also be potentially created when some difference in the chemical arrangement of the carbon occurs during the extreme heat of compression, but there is dispute on what the actual cause may be. There is nothing quite like the sparkle and shine of a pink gem like the pink diamond. They don’t simply come in one standard color of pink. There are all kinds of pink diamonds, from deep pink that is extremely rich, to the light and airy color of a light pink rose. The saturation of the color also tends to affect the price, so a lighter pink diamond will be lighter on the color, and on the wallet as well.
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Pink diamonds usually run on the expensive end of jewelry pricing because they are so rare and unique. This is what makes pink diamonds ideal for extremely important jewelry pieces. Pink diamonds need to be in jewelry where they can really shine and show their true brilliance to all onlookers. Whatever setting you select for this jewel, you can be assured that these will be true generational pieces that carry great value, both monetary and sentimental. Just imagine the look on your loved ones face when they are given such a timeless item.
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With the oversaturation of the jewelry market, the majority of settings and jewels have become very commonplace. Anymore, the goal of an individual is to stand out. To make your gifts stand out and be as special as your recipient, you should consider including a pink diamond.