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6 Best Wedding Anniversary Cakes to Present to Your Sister and Her Husband

Seeing your sister had tied the bond of marriage with the one she loves, is always delightful. What finer way to mark the delight of that special eve than by some anniversary cakes dedicated to the couple?

6 Suggestions for the Best Anniversary Cakes

Nothing is more of a spectacular dessert than a cake made to celebrate the day of wedding. With their spongy and moist cream-filled exterior, and their gorgeous exterior, they are one of the most splendid desserts to savor on wedding anniversary ceremonies. Here are 6 of the most splendid wedding anniversary cakes to celebrate the eve of marriage anniversary –

  1. Chocolate truffle cake: With the finest and the richest chocolate and crunchy chocolate truffle bits dotted on the top, the chocolate truffle cake is a definite treat to cherish on this wonderful occasion. Watch their faces light up in delight as the savor the taste of the ever-mouthwatering chocolate truffle cake.
  2. Kit-kat beauty cake: Bars of crunchy Nestlé’s Kit-Kat bars are always delightful to taste. How special would they be if a dozen of them were arranged together, surrounding a front of vanilla cream shaped like a rose, and dotted with some succulent red cherry bits.
  3. Vanilla fruit cake: Coated with vanilla cream and embedded with all natural fresh fruits comprising of peach, kiwi fruit, grapes and cherry, the vanilla fruit cake is always a savory delight to partake in, on this grand eve. Watch as your sister and your brother-in-law celebrates their marriage anniversary with this cake that you had personally presented to them.
  4. Heart-shaped red velvet cake: Shaped like the very symbol of love and romance and colored in red, with numerous red roses made of cream dotting the top, the heart shaped red velvet cake is one of the most perfect representations of anniversary love.
  5. Strawberry almond cake : Made from an infusion of strawberry essence mixed with vanilla cream and crunchy almond nuts, the strawberry almond cake is as appetizing to the palate, as it is a feast for the eyes. Nothing kindles the flames of love more brightly than this cake.
  6. Rose cake : With an assortment of cream made red and white roses in this cake, the rose cake is one of the finest treats to reciprocate the love and delight of any anniversary couple, especially your sister and her husband, on their special celebration.

Getting Wedding Anniversary Cakes

One can get any flavor of cake for the celebration of wedding anniversary with just a few clicks. All one has to do is, go to the online store page, choose the cake that catches his or her fancy, and place an order for it. Simple, easy, and quick, are the things that perfectly describe the cake delivery service. Moreover, all places in India are covered and with the options to receive them on the same day or at the hour of midnight. So be sure to order wedding anniversary cakes online through the delivery service. Gifts are also available to celebrate wedding anniversaries.