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A Wedding Cake Can Really Bring Out Your Personality

Your wedding is about so many things. For many brides, the wedding day is also a chance to show off their personal style and viewpoint. Many parts of the wedding from the wedding venue to the wedding dress to your choice of honeymoon can help you show off your innate inner thoughts. One of the best ways to make even more of a splash on your wedding day is with the right wedding cake. A specially designed wedding cake will not only taste great but help offer a wonderful finale to conclusion of your special day. For that reason, you want to get the details right. You want to think about the colors you’re going to use, the kind of decoration you want and your favorite flavor profiles.

Choosing a Color

Any successful cake design will use color well. A color wheel can help you understand how colors go together. Many brides have a color theme and look for bakers who can bring it to life. For example, during a spring wedding, many brides think about pastels. You can translate this idea to a wedding cake as part of your overall theme. A wedding cake with colors like pale aqua, lavender and pink can help tie in your bridesmaid’s dresses and the flowers you’re putting in the venue. For a later wedding in fall, bring out the shades of orange and green. Use them in your cake for a seasonally appropriate look, as you can see on this page.

Using Decorations

Another way to bring personality to your cake is with the use of varied types of decorations. Many brides love to use edible flowers on their cake. Other natural items can also be used like clean tree branches. A ribbon can be wrapped around the cake that goes with the fabric you and the members of your wedding are using. Fondant, a thick coating of icing, can be shaped into all sorts of things from flowers to other items such as cars and even your favorite game pieces. A decorative cake with lots of unexpected elements can help surprise and delight your guests as well as offering them a delicious way to end your wedding day.

Bring out Your Personality

The ideal wedding cake is one that has you stamp on it. You want to work with a baker who will listen to you and make your dreams come true. You also want a baker who can show you to how to craft the wedding cake so that it will feed your guests, be easy to transport and help serve as the centerpiece to your wedding. An effective baker can do all of them and let you see what the finished product will look like even before they start. Consider a wedding cake that shows off you and your partner’s favorite hobbies and things you really enjoy. Let the world know of your passions in your life on the day you get married.