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Basic Tips for Musical Instrument Care

Musical instruments can provide a joyous tune and a fun hobby for many. Whether you are part of the student band, are in a band, or just enjoy practicing a new hobby, proper maintenance of your instrument is the key to long-term enjoyment. We’ve included some of the best basic tips for instrument care below so that you can ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your instrument in good condition for many years to come.

The first basic tip that every musical instrument player needs to know is they must have a case for their instrument. Regardless of whether you play the flute, saxophone, or drums, your instrument has a case or cover that is designed for it. This case will ensure that your instrument stays safe during transport and while it’s not being used. Opting for a case that has extra padding is always a plus if your checkbook can afford it. If at any time the hinges, handles, zippers, or locks break, you should have them immediately replaced. If you play a larger instrument, such as a piano, then you should opt for a cover that will protect the functional components from dust and other harmful materials. You can look at here now to see the various cover options that are available for these larger instruments.

The second basic tip is to be mindful of extreme temperatures. Depending on where you live, it may alter how much you will tend to deal with these temperature extremes. Instruments can be very sensitive to heat and humidity as they tend to warp if exposed to too much of it. For this reason, you should never store your instrument in a hot location, such as the trunk of your car in the Summertime. Extreme cold temperatures can lead to damage of your instrument as well if you are not careful. If your instrument has been exposed to the cold of Winter, then it’s best to let it sit in the heat to warm back up before you start playing it. Never attempt to play your instrument when it’s extremely cold as it could lead to damage.

The third tip we are going to share with you is just as important as the previous two. Every time you go to put your instrument back in its case or put a cover over it you should wipe it down first. Cleaning your instrument is a must to ensure its longevity. Most instrument suppliers will give you complimentary cleaning tools, which usually consist of non-treated cloth, to wipe off your fingerprints and any dust or debris from the instrument. This will keep dust and other similar materials from getting jammed in the instrument and its functional components.

Playing a musical instrument is something that can be extremely fun and rewarding. We are sure that when you invest the money into a new instrument that you will want to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. By putting the above care practices into place, you can be assured you’ll have your new instrument well into the future.