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How to get the perfect decoration for a Garden Wedding?

With day weddings trending the Garden Weddings have become so much popular. The colors, décor and beautiful installations make them look a surreal setting for a perfect wedding. There are even some farmhouses for wedding in Chattarpur that serves as the best places to plan such weddings.

Even the banquet halls in Delhi for marriage have an open lawn in front of the property to have such weddings. The best things that you can add to such kind of settings are some unique installations like mason jars with perforated clothing to adorn them or even Christmas lights to make them look pretty. There are also many other art deco type of installations that takes the wedding decoration to another of elegance. Plus, the fiber wedding props are also made and customized to look the wedding setup like a royal affair. These are usually designed specially as per the theme of the décor therefore, available in many forms and shapes.

The other most important element of Garden weddings is the floral decoration. No such wedding is complete without them. They not only beautify the space but all adds a splendid pop of color in to décor. Also include them in breathtaking shapes and form that will surely steal the attention. In the same way, there can be many changes can be made to these ideas to create innovative styles that can transform a bland garden into a lush one with bright colors and designs.

An open setting for wedding opens out many various options of themes décor. The open spaces can be modified as well as customized in any theme you want, which makes it look more than perfect. A day garden wedding is also a good idea if you have a thing for all things pretty. It is basically a blend of modern and traditional way of getting married.