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How to Make Your Backyard Pond More Exciting

Every backyard pond will have its own aesthetic appeal. People are drawn to water features and this helps to increase the entertaining value of the backyard as well as the overall value of the home. Of course, most people are not happy with only a mediocre backyard. They want their guests to be wowed by what they see and the pond is the perfect place to make that happen.

Add Some Lights

Many barbecues and parties extend well beyond sunset and the beauty of the pond is no longer visible at this point. Lights are festive and eye-catching and they are also a great safety feature that will prevent guests from falling into a dark pond. There are underwater lights, fountain lights and floating water lilies that light up at night and add color with the flowers during the day. Most of the lighting uses LED bulbs that are durable, inexpensive to use, and incredibly vibrant.

Add a Windmill

Ponds need aerators to keep the water properly oxygenated and free from algae. A windmill aerator is a unique option that is not seen everywhere. It is a genuine wind-powered aerator designed for both function and beauty. They are more functional in yards that receive adequate levels of wind. They are also not for small, urban backyards because they do require a substantial amount of space. One of the benefits of windmill kits is that they make it possible for people to aerate their pond without having to hide power cords or listen to noisy motors.

Install a Fountain

An exciting option is to add a fountain. Small fountains with a mild spray are possible as are larger ones that shoot columns of water many feet into the air. Aeration fountains also help to keep the water clear along with providing a source of entertainment. Adding lights to a fountain will also increase its entertainment value.

A few extra touches make every pond a little more attractive and enjoyable for the homeowner and their guests. There are many ways to also improve the yard surrounding the pool as well. Visit to learn how to design a backyard everyone will envy.