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You Can Dress Up Your Pillows

Pillows are a vital component of any bed. A good pillow can help provide a good night’s sleep. When looking at pillows, it’s important to think about how to make them look good. Many homeowners want a formal look for the day and for parties and then a softer look during the evening when they are sleeping. It’s best to think about the kind of choices that are ideal when it comes the pillows. The type of fabric, color choices and the use of details such as ruffles or a more streamlined look can all go into creating a look that is pleasing to the senses. Many people also want to have multiple pillowcases they can pick from in varied fabrics to use as the seasons change.

Your Colors

Color is an important consideration when choosing pillows. Bright colors can immediately attract attention and help serve as a focal point in the room. Softer colors are right for a look that is calmer and soothing. Many people look for pillows in a contrasting color than the rest of the room. For example, if you have walls in a shade of mild green, it can help the room stand up if you add in a few pillowcases in a vivid shade of violet. You can also think about combining pillows in varied colors. Take a few standard basic, neutral shades. Then, throw in some pillows in a few patterns in contrasting colors for a bit of movement and liveliness.

The Types of Fabric

Another important consideration when thinking about pillowcases, as you will see if you go to my blog, is the fabric. Fabric for pillows comes in many types. This includes cotton, jersey, wool and linen. For pillowcases, it’s important to think about how the fabric breathes. It’s also important for it to be easy to clean. Pillowcases are used every single day in your home. Look for fabrics that are durable such as linen that can be thrown the wash a few times a week. Think about changing out the fabric from week to week and season to season. Buying a few pillowcases each season is a good way to update your look and make your pillows very comfortable.

Warming Inviting Pillows

Your look should ideally be as inviting as possible. You want to have pillows that are truly comfortable all year long. You also want pillowcases that can be used to create varied kinds of formal looks. A series of pillowcases in several types of material that can be changed out through the year are an excellent idea. Consider other touches like ruffles for a more formal look or pillowcases that have a more tailored look. The ideal pillowcase can offer a way of covering your pillows that means you feel great the second you lay your head down and start to relax. Look for materials, a good color and elegant and understated details that get you the fabulous look you want.