Shopping Hacks

Some of us enjoy shopping, and others don’t, but we all need to buy things once in a while to survive in this world. Unfortunately, the shopping process can be full of pitfalls for shopaholics and shopping-haters alike. The folks who run big stores like to entice us with products we don’t need, and a whole science is associated with encouraging us to spend in ways that we probably shouldn’t. But there is good news, too: each of us has the power to fight back against the urge to buy something we don’t need or lazily grab the first option we see without comparison-shopping. Here, for your consideration, are some of the best “shopping hacks” we’ve found.

Shop with a list

So you head to the store (or go online — more on that in a moment). You know what you want, but you end up buying something else. What … Read the rest

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What Makes Rings the Perfect Gift for Your Best Friend This Friendship Day?

William Shakespeare has rightly defined a friend as – “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.

Unlike relatives and family, friendship is a matter of choice. Everyone makes friends and some are fortunate to find friends for life. These friends are there through thick and thin sharing your success and failure, laughter and sadness, partners in mischiefs and are aware of all your little secrets that no one else knows.

Celebrate Friendship with a Special Ring

If you have such a good friend, then why not gift something to him or her this friendship day? You might argue that your friendship is not bound by gifts or to be remembered only on a single day in a year. You are right. It is not, but sometimes it feels … Read the rest

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