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How to Maintain Grillz Teeth Effectively

Gold teeth are shiny and flashy in your mouth, if you maintain them properly. However, if you are not keen on preserving them, the teeth will eventually turn dull. It is essential to maintain them correctly to prevent bacteria and germs in your mouth. Poor maintenance can lead to bad breath and gingivitis. Custom sets are the easiest to maintain out of the other types of grillz. Permanent gold teeth need extra care and effort to clean and keep. Premade gold teeth are not durable and will quickly turn dull, even with the proper care. Ensure that you are aware of the maintaining tips before heavily investing in the removable custom gold teeth.

How do you maintain your teeth?

Custom sets are the best types of gold teeth. Their removability makes them easy to clean. The first maintenance step for flawless gold grills is to remove them when eating or … Read the rest

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3 Phones You Can’t Get Easily in the US

America’s called the land of the free and home to the brave. But are you free to purchase the flagship of your choice from your local carrier? It’s not always the case. While iPhones, Galaxies, and Pixels are well-stocked at T-Mobile or Verizon, some of the biggest phones aren’t available at these storefronts.

What do these phones have in common? They all hail from China — Trump’s enemy du jour. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a high-end Chinese phone, but it can be tricky. Let’s dive into the top three phones you can’t find through an American carrier to see if they’re worth the trouble.

1. Oppo Find X 

Outfitted with a Snapdragon 745 chip, face unlock, 8 GB of RAM, 3,730mAh battery, and 256 GB of storage, the Find X stands up against most midrange smartphones.

How it stands out is its 6.42-inch Panoramic Arc Screen. Taking up … Read the rest

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