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4 Types of Eyebrow Embroidery To Suit All Your Needs

4 Types of Eyebrow Embroidery To Suit All Your Needs

Everyone understands the significance of brows. It is the area of the face that protects the eyes from dust and dirt. But, apart from protecting the eyes, it also frames and defines the full facial features.

However, not everyone is blessed with naturally lovely brows. Most individuals have to spend several minutes daily filling in the sparse portions of their brows using brow pencils or powders. Others must pluck, wax, or thread their brows regularly to keep the region groomed. These practices take time, especially for time-crunched Singaporeans. This is why eye embroidery has grown in popularity here.

Eyebrow embroidery involves employing tiny, single-use needles to put semi-permanent colour beneath the uppermost layer of skin. Each stroke mimics microscopic hair strokes, giving sparse or thin brows natural-looking volume and texture.

Clients will have the appearance of bigger, more beautiful brows after the operation. It also helps to give the face a perfect balance since the process may improve the symmetry between the facial characteristics. The treatment can also fix minor cosmetic defects such as far-set or tiny eyes. It can also draw attention away from flaws in the face’s bottom half by emphasising the eye region.

But before you book your first brow enhancement consultation, learn about the many types of brow embroidery procedures available to decide which is best for you.

6D Eyebrow Embroidery

One of Singapore’s most well-known eyebrow embroidery methods is the 6D eyebrow embroidery. It mimics the look of natural brows by using thinner, more delicate strokes to offer superior brow definition and depth. It is often thicker and straighter in form. It indicates that it is the most superb option for folks who desire the thicker, bushier-looking brows that are popular among today’s top Korean celebrities.

Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery

Using small blades, this brow embroidery usually adds subtle gradient hues to the skin. It seeks to offer a more detailed silhouette to give clients more prominent, thicker-looking brows. The gradient pigment creates the appearance of brow powder applied to the brows. It goes great with any makeup.

Those who like this brow embroidery method will have straighter and thicker brows, emphasising eye contours and creating a more youthful look.

Creative Brow Embroidery 

Clients who select the Creative Brow Embroidery treatment can have precisely groomed brows that seem natural. Depending on their patients’ natural brow hairs, highly competent brow beauticians utilise micro blades to draw brow hairs in a single direction or with slightly varying strokes. This procedure can help them add depth to the original appearance of the brows and balance the hair distribution in uneven regions.

This method of brow embroidery is ideal for those who wish to enhance their slightly noticeable arch for a beautiful, sophisticated appearance.

Combination Korean Brow 

It combines two popular eyebrow embroidery techniques: gradient and 6D brow embroidery. The beautician’s strokes mimicked the natural direction of the brow. It also employs gradient colours to fill in sparse brows for a luxurious, multidimensional look.

Clients who choose this form of brow embroidery may expect a misty, young appearance that no longer requires extra makeup application. It is currently one of the most popular trends in Korea.

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