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5 Things To Buy When You Are Relocating

5 Things To Buy When You Are Relocating

Relocating can be an expensive process. The costs of packing, transporting and unpacking can add up quickly. In addition to the moving expenses, you may need to purchase new items when you get to your new location. Here are 5 things you need to buy when you are moving.

Sturdy Boxes

When moving over a longer distance such as using an interstate removalists Perth to Brisbane you need to ensure that the boxes you buy to pack your belongings are sturdy moving boxes. The last thing you need is your belongings scattered all over the road when the removal company is loading due to a flimsy box. Proper boxes can be bought at storage facilities or even online and come in different thicknesses dependent on what you intend to pack.

Furniture Moving Sliders

If you have furniture that has legs or are heavy, you will need furniture moving sliders. These sliders allow you to easily pull or push the legs of your furniture to the new location. Choosing the right slider depends on the size of the piece of furniture. Typically, you will need one that is longer and wider than the legs. It is also important to choose the right shape. For example, a table with square legs will need a long rectangular slider, while a couch will need a small circular slider.

Choosing the right type of slider will help you save time and energy during the moving process. A good slider will help you slide heavy items like couches and beds safely across carpeted floors. They are also useful for moving appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.


A trolley is a useful piece of equipment that enables you to move things around quickly and easily. It also helps you save your back from strain when you are carrying heavy items. Trolleys are used in a number of different work environments. A good model should be able to handle up to 150 lbs. Trolleys come in handy all year around, when you are moving things around the house. When moving around Perth, most removalists Perth companies will carry a trolley and if you only want to use one for your move, then they can be hired too but are relatively inexpensive to buy.

Trolleys are particularly handy when you are moving to an unfamiliar neighborhood. 

Fragile Tape

Choosing the right tape is an important part of the relocation process, because the right type of tape can help seal and secure your packages. Small items can be wrapped with tape manually, but large items will require an automatic tape dispenser.

When buying tape for moving fragile items, choose a heavy-duty tape that will not come apart, a cloth tape is usually great for glass and fragile items as the adhesive does not stick on when removing from items. Also, remember that you can use multiple layers of tape. You can use double-sided tape, which will hold your fragile items snugly together. Besides tape, you should also buy paper-lined boxes to keep your items in place. You can also use crumpled paper to fill in gaps in the boxes, as it will help prevent breakage. Finally, label your boxes so that you will know exactly what’s inside them.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are essential to any move to protect at least your most expensive possessions such as your double French door fridge or your highly crafted timber table. Depending on the removal company, you may have some furniture removal companies who do not supply any moving blankets and this is when mishaps can definitely happen, but it is too late to say no to the move on moving day as all you want is to get the move underway but risk further damage to your property.