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Fashion Forward: The Little Touches That Make a Big Difference

Fashion Forward: The Little Touches That Make a Big Difference

Creating put-together outfits is equal parts art and science. Beyond just pairing basics, thoughtful styling takes your look to the next level. Use our guide to learn quick tips and tricks for infusing wardrobe essentials with forward-thinking flair.

Show Some Ankle

Flashing a bit of ankle transforms any outfit into a fashion-forward statement. The key is keeping the rest of your look relatively streamlined and tailored. An exposed ankle creates just enough skin-baring allure to balance out otherwise modest pieces.

For women, pair longer skirts and dresses with strappy sandals that securely fasten around the ankle. Kitten heels or low wedges work well to avoid stumbling. Cropped, wide-leg pants hitting just above the ankle bone also beautifully showcase dainty feet. 

Men can roll up fitted chinos to create casual cropped trousers, secured with a stylish no-show sock. Pair with sharp leather loafers. When wearing jeans, cuff slim-fit bottoms above low-top sneakers. Add a pop of color via eye-catching socks.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Pushing up sleeves seems simple but offers loads of styling potential. Rolled sleeves instantly freshen up stuffy button-downs and jumpers. Different fold techniques create tailored, nerdy chic or totally relaxed vibes.

For a smart approach, neatly fold sleeves just above the elbow. Press creases into the cuff to sharpen the look. This works well with collared casual shirts and women’s blouses. 

Get an intellectually hip look by pushing up sleeves above the forearm on an oversized pullover or cardigan. Pair with dark-rimmed glasses for studious appeal.

For maximum cool, loosely roll up sleeves on casual button-downs and tees. Try different lengths on each arm and leave cuffs slightly rumpled. Top with a baseball cap for an urban-casual edge.

Make a Statement with Sunglasses

Few accessories instantly elevate a look like a pair of eye-catching wayfarer classic sunglasses. According to the experts at Olympic Eyewear, the right frames not only pull together your entire outfit but project confidence and personality as well. Use sunglasses to transform any ensemble into a fashion-focused statement. 

Oversized shades command attention and balance proportion on larger faces. Go for unique shapes like rounded hexagons, cat eyes and butterfly frames. Smaller faces better suit petite retro shapes. Gradient mirrored or tinted lenses up the artsy appeal. 

Layer Necklaces for Impact

An impactful necklace can become the focal point of any outfit. For maximum effect, don’t be afraid to get creative and combine multiple pieces. The layering possibilities are endless.

Try pairing chains of varying lengths like a collar choker, longer pendant necklace, and lariat. Mix materials including precious metals, leather, and beads.

For a coordinated look, collect pieces in the same finish such as gold vermeil or silver. Or pull together an eclectic style statement combining jewelry from various decades and styles. 

Punctuate with Patterns

In the world of fashion, sometimes the devil is in the details. Harnessing patterns in small doses can completely change the attitude of any outfit. Follow these tips for integrating eye-catching prints and textures:

  • Highlight collar points with contrast tipping on shirt and blouse collars. 
  • Liven up solids with colorful belt straps and shoe laces.
  • Make manicures pop with creative nail art and textured polish.
  • Incorporate conversational patterns on small accessories like bags, shoes, and hats. 
  • Layer mixed prints in similar color families so they complement rather than compete. 
  • Use patterns to direct eyes and highlight aspects of an outfit like the face or waist.


Fashion lives in the details. Follow our style hacks to take every day looks into forward-thinking territory. With the right accents, classics become current and simple outfits gain sophistication.

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