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How To Know If A Shopping Website Is Fake.

How To Know If A Shopping Website Is Fake.

A shopping website is an internet shop that enables consumers to directly buy goods or services using a web browser or a mobile app. Most businesses have embraced the electronic method of selling goods and conducting commercial transactions. Some of the major shopping websites that are well known include; Amazon, Ali express, American eagle outfitters, e Bay, Forever 21, and Boohoo. All these offer the advantage of making shopping easier and convenient for clients. Shopping websites also enable clients to buy goods and services from their homes or offices’ comfort without necessarily visiting the stalls. It also allows clients to select their goods from a variety offered by the website. However, customers need to be careful while revealing their personal information and other details over online shopping websites. An increase in internet use has also seen a rise in security breaches, with bank details and additional personal information being at risk when entered into online shopping sites. Online reviews from sites such as can help you identify sites you can trust. This article highlights some ways to determine if a shopping website is genuine or not, as there are many potentially scam websites claiming to be authentic shopping websites.  Below are aspects that you can look at and identify if an online shopping website is fake.

1.  Website encryption measures.

When visiting any website, including online shopping websites, the following address bar appears; https//www……This means that the site uses encrypted communication to protect and secure whatever information you give them. A secure website ensures that communication between the website, the mobile or the computer is encrypted and secured. The ‘s’ in the URL https is the main thing to look for to know if the website is secure. The SSL certificate provides this security feature to ensure that all the information fed to the site is protected as it travels from one server to another.

2.  Customer feedback.

When shopping on a website, always look for reviews from customers who previously used the website. This will help clear any existing doubts concerning the website. Customer feedback is important as it helps you quickly find out others’ experiences, whether good or bad. This also allows you to get feedback from some of the previous customers on the availability of products offered by a shopping website and thus the site’s genuineness.

3.  Contact details.

A genuine shopping website contains contact details on its site. Legitimate online shops or stores give out their contacts to help clients with queries, complaints, compliments or suggestions. Typically shopping website should include contact details, including the shop’s email and address in their contact site. These are the contacts you will use in case of any problem such as a delay in delivering an order. Online shopping websites typically use these addresses while contacting their clients for promotions, new arrivals, or other sensitive information. By shopping websites providing contact details on their sites, clients will know incase another scam address contacts them trying to mask itself as the true site. If you happen to land on a shopping site without any contact information on their webpage, then that should give you enough reason to worry about its legitimacy.

4.  First impression.

A professional shopping website should have a genuine appearance right from the first time you visit it. Legitimate online websites create their profile and make it appealing, especially to the public, to attract more clients. Such online shopping websites invest in high-resolution images and clarity of their products. They also invest in good grammar checking software, thereby avoiding any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

From the first impression you get after visiting an online shopping website, you will know whether it’s genuine with how it has presented its products.

5.  Safe browsing.

With the current technological advancements in our world today, most legit websites have found themselves victims of cybercrime, as hackers have gained access and dominated their sites. Typically when hackers successfully gain access to legitimate sites, they take advantage of the trust that clients have had on such sites. They con them luring them to fraudulent services. You can find many tools online that will help you check the safety of websites, including shopping websites. This will help you avoid potentially dangerous shopping sites

In conclusion, with the above tips, it is possible to determine if a shopping website is fraudulent or not. Another important thing you should always do before shopping on any website is to do thorough research on a website to know if it’s legit.